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Get ready to change your relationship with food and watch your body come into balance naturally with the 5 Seasons Diet!

Imagine feeling happy, energetic and healthy with fewer aches, pains and dis-ease.

Join us for a 28 day meal plan tailored to the nutrients your body needs this season. Our meal plans are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, focus on local organic ingredients, and incorporate Superfoods while packing delicious taste in each meal, snack and dessert!

Nutritionally balanced, farm to kitchen recipes, organized shopping lists, detailed cooking guides and food prep schedules delivered to your inbox weekly.

Members can follow the monthly meal plan each day for optimal health or pick and choose recipes from the plan to use as a healthy supplement during busy weeks.

What makes us different? We focus on all of you - body, mind and spirit - without the stress of weighing, measuring, or counting calories or points.

The 5 Seasons Diet gives you the most wholesome nutrition throughout the year to support your body's changing needs with the seasons. Our dietary formula outlines the correct ratio of fats, fiber, protein and carbohydrates in each of the 5 seasons to support your body, mind and spirit. Using food as medicine leads to optimal health.

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Success Stories from Members:

Due to several factors in my life over the last few years, including health issues, job stress, my family's passion about the environment and food production, I have been researching different nutritional paths.  The 5 Seasons Diet's philosophy fits perfectly with the dietary changes I have been trying to implement.  I love the shopping lists, and meticulous attention to organizing prep and cooking schedules and best part of all, the variety and flavors of the recipes are delicious!
Terry, New York Member

I chose to do the 5 Seasons Diet because I'm turning 50 and most of my friends are on some sort of pharmaceutical. I want to be healthy, feel healthy, and stay off the medications. I started this program with a frozen shoulder that I've been treating with massage and physical therapy for four months. It wasn't helping much and I was losing sleep due to the pain. After only two weeks on the 5 Seasons Diet my shoulder started to unfreeze. I'm sleeping through the night without pain and I've lost three pounds! The food is delicious, I'm never hungry and I'm not craving shitty food! I'm saving money by not eating out for lunch every day. I feel different mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Patty, Massachusetts Member

I am currently on a diabetes medication and my goal is to go off of it. I started 5 Seasons Diet to feel better and to see if I could bring my sugar numbers down. Within four days of eating my numbers dropped from 150 to 115 and have held steady. I was so excited that I went to my doctor and had several other blood tests run so I could compare as I go along. Another side-effect of this diet that I didn't count on is that I'm sleeping through the night now. I usually sleep about three hours a night! I really enjoy the food and am never hungry. I've been telling people I just can't believe this!
Diane, Massachusetts Member

I love great food. But it can get challenging to have a variety of great food since I have to eat a gluten free diet. The fact that I get to eat such a variety of creative, gluten free meals everyday that are easy to make is such a treat now. I offer family and friends my meals and they never guess they are gluten free! I look forward to eating new things daily that are out of my typical wheelhouse. I continue to be surprised and have loved getting out of the cooking rut of making the same things. I have to say it is peace of mind that all the recipes are designed by a nutritionist. It certainly validates that I am eating healthy. I purchased the 5 Seasons Diet mostly to have access to great meal ideas that I don't have to plan. I just don't have time to plan! And secondly proactive health. I guess they go hand in hand. I absolutely love feeling good and I love the 5 Seasons Diet meals. They just taste so yummy. I use the monthly plan about 4-5 days a week as there is always something going on with either work or family. I like the flexibility of not having to be so strict with a plan, yet know it's there for me so I am not wondering what's for the next meal.
Lynn, New York Member

I had my mother-in-law try some of the squash noodles because I'm trying to get her to go gluten free, and she said she would make this every week! I LOVE the pesto for this and am officially converting my pesto recipe. Putting pistachios in it is genius and gave it such a great aroma. This dish was great.
Ashley, New York Member

First of all the food tastes good and it's not that far outside my usual palette. Secondly, it ELIMINATES me thinking about food. I KNOW what I'm having. I usually spend all day everyday thinking about food and this has freed up that space. Also, I like lentils, but I had no idea how to make them or that they tasted good hot or cold. I feel in control of taking care of myself and my family. Too soon to tell if I feel better but how can you not? Plus I like that I'm not "logging" everything in loseit etc.. I'm just eating, without over thinking it.
Carrie, New York Member

My jaw dropped at my doctor's office when I received my latest thyroid test results.

For 15 years I've been treated for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It is an auto-immune disorder where the thyroid attacks itself. It effects the functioning of the thyroid and for years I've had consistent blood work to ascertain how the T3, freeT3, T4, and the antibody count were doing. Depending on the results my thyroid medicine would be adjusted and I'd continue on. Never really feeling much difference physically; struggling with fatigue and weight gain.

Recently I had my blood work done and met with my Dr. again. Out of seven different areas tested for my thyroid, six were now normal after 15 years! Normal! And 15 years ago they wanted to take out my thyroid!

And that's not even the most shocking part! The most shocking to me was that a year ago when I had the two antibody tests done they were incredibly worrisome. These tests measure how much the thyroid is attacking itself. For one test the normal range was .0-.9 and my number was 86. For the other test the normal range was 0-34 and my number was OVER 1300. When I expressed my concern to my doctor she told me that most doctors would simply explain these results away as being connected to the fact that I have an autoimmune disorder. To say, OF COURSE your numbers should be that high. However, my doctor said she wanted to know WHY my body was producing such high antibody readings, as did I!

Fast forward a year and eating the 5 Seasons Diet for 7 months antibody test that was at 86 is now at zero. Yes, zero, completely within normal range. My second test that was over 1300 is now at 171. I am stunned. I looked at my doctor and said, "These results are showing that my thyroid is actually coming back into full health!" I have noticed huge improvements in energy and some weight loss, especially around my belly.

In having a few days to mull all this over, I believe that what I've taken out of my diet through the 5 Seasons Diet is just as important as what I've added into it. The Superfoods I'm now ingesting weekly in recipes, the variety of produce I'm eating, and the seasonal organic food and cooking methods have all contributed. I am beyond grateful for this miracle in my life. My work weeks are incredibly busy so having a plan is key for me. The organized shopping lists and the detailed prep & cook guide keep me on track. The food is amazing and I love eating recipes that are new and different. I get to just show up without having to research recipes, make lists, and plan my week or wonder if what I am eating is good for me in the grand scheme of things. I finally have a guide that is sustainable and working for me.

The 5 Seasons Diet has changed my life! I love this program!
Melissa, New York Member

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The 5 Seasons Diet team is fortunate to live in a thriving agricultural region located within the Adirondack Mountains of New York. We believe in supporting local business and its importance to regional communities.

To help connect members to their own local farms and organic food stores in their area, we continue to update a list of sustainable producers to help fill their kitchen and body with each changing season.

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