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Our 5 Seasons Diet incorporates the five seasons of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Fall, and Winter. There are many reasons to eat according to the 5 Seasons Diet plan, regardless of where you live. Eating seasonally is what nature intended. It is an eating pattern that balances weight, energy, and wellness. While eating seasonally you will not be asked to eat fat-free, low-carb, or high-protein all year round. Instead, you will focus on eating specific foods, and different ratios of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates at certain times during the year, in a way that makes healthy eating a sustainable lifestyle choice.

Read on to learn some of the important benefits of eating according to the 5 Seasons Diet plan. For more information about the benefits of eating seasonally from a Chinese Medicine philosophy, please check out our Integrative Health tab!

You will eat foods at peak freshness. 
Studies have shown that produce grown during its ideal growing period contains more nutrients than when grown out of season. Fruits and vegetables are at their peak of freshness when they are in season. When we eat produce in our area that is not in season, this means that it was most likely shipped from far away. Produce tastes better, is more nutritious, and is better for us, in season.

You will support your body's changing needs throughout the year.
Just as we need warmer clothes in the winter, and we spend more time outdoors in the summer, our dietary requirements change with the seasons. It makes sense that our diet shifts each season to support these changing needs.

You will be able to enjoy foods again, and eliminate yo-yo dieting.
The 5 Seasons Diet plan is a sustainable lifestyle choice focusing on real, whole foods; not a fad-diet. A diet is defined as the pattern of food that individuals or groups consume on a regular, day to day basis. It is NOT defined as methodically counting or restricting carbs, fats, or calories. It is also not defined as consuming "diet" products such as sodas, shakes, and bars, or following a restrictive regimen for a week, a month, or a year. The 5 Seasons Diet plan is a diet in the true sense of the word.

You will invest in your health.
With the continued rise in obesity, diabetes, autoimmune and other preventable chronic conditions linked to diet and lifestyle, it is important to pay attention to the kinds of foods we are eating. Fresh, whole foods, free of genetically modified ingredients, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, added sugar, vegetable oils, trans fats, and other toxins can be seen as an investment in our health. Eating well now will pay off in the long run by preventing the need for prescription drugs and health care associated with preventable chronic disease.