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How many people do the recipes feed?

  • The recipes are designed for two people but could easily be doubled or tripled depending on the size of your family.  If you are 1 person, extra portions can be frozen for future use, or recipes can be halved. You will need to adjust your shopping lists accordingly.

How is this program different from Pinterest, recipe books, or on-line recipes?

  • This meal plan is uniquely designed for the growing region of the Northeast.  In addition, the meals are formulated by farm-inspired chefs and a holistic nutritionist to meet the exclusive dietary protocols of the 5 Seasons Diet.  Our integrative health consultant provides support for your mind and spirit.  We focus on all of you, holistically, so you thrive instead of survive.

What if I can't commit to seven days a week to eat meals from the program?

  • Our goal is to introduce healthier ways of eating to each of our members.  How you use the program is up to you.  Even if you substitute one of our meals into your day instead of processed and packaged food, you will be gaining health for your body.  Here are the most popular ways to use the program:
    • Follow it seven days a week for optimum health and to begin reducing symptoms of fatigue, dis-ease, and the effects of stress
    • Follow it during your work week to stay on track and then flex on the weekends
    • Get out of the rut from what you are currently eating.  Pick and choose what appeals to you, introducing new recipes, flavors, and health benefits to your body

How is the program tailored for allergies?

  • The program is completely gluten-free and refined sugar-free.  In addition, if specific ingredients are used that you are allergic to, you can simply leave them out of the recipe. Weekly newsletters and your Prep & Cook schedule will offer options for certain substitutions.  If you would like support around certain substitutions please email us at, we are happy to help.

Can vegetarians eat this plan?

  • The 5 Seasons Diet is based on nutritional guidelines from Chinese Medicine that shift as the seasons change.  We strive to offer 3-4 dinners per week that are vegetarian.  We then add in a night of fish and a few nights of meals that use meat as a garnish, depending on the season.  We highly recommend using organic meats and wild caught fish.  Spring and Summer plans have less meat, while the Winter months introduce more animal products. The majority of our breakfasts, snacks and desserts are vegetarian.