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For those of you unfamiliar with Five Element Acupuncture let's go over what it is and a bit of history!

Acupuncture is a form of ancient healing that uses small needles, the size of a human hair, that are inserted into the body to direct the flow of Qi (energy).  Qi is your life force, the energy that flows through your body helping organs, muscles, and tissues do their work to keep your body healthy. Dis-ease is a body not at ease. When the Qi and Blood are moving well through your body, disease is prevented.

The theory of acupuncture dates back 8,000 years and the practice of acupuncture actually predates recorded history.   The Chinese believe the body is interconnected; that all parts of our physical and emotional body are intimately linked.  Hence, physical symptoms can manifest from trauma (a car accident caused my lower back to go out) or emotional situations (the stress of opening my new business caused my lower back to go out).

The Five Element style of acupuncture takes this one step further.  This style was based on farmers in China who began making a connection between the inside of our bodies and the climate they were working in.  They came to believe that what happens in our bodies is directly connected to what is happening in the environment.

Have you ever heard someone say that when it gets cold and damp out their arthritis acts up?  In Chinese medicine arthritis is considered to be cold and dampness in the body that become lodged in the joints, causing "arthritis-type" symptoms.   And as the theory above states, our bodies are just a microcosm of the environment.  Therefore when the environment becomes cold and damp, anyone who has these same symptoms internally will see an exacerbation.

The farmers also believed that if we ate within the seasons we would be the most healthy.  The food that grows in the region we live offers us the peak of nutrients and nourishes our body for that particular season.

Have you noticed that you crave different foods as the seasons shift?  I know for myself by the time Spring is arriving I can't get enough leafy salad greens and in the Winter I'm craving soups, casseroles, and squash.  Each of these vegetables and dishes provide specific ingredients that help our body stay balanced and healthy through the seasons.  Our body needs different nutrients and vitamins for each season for optimum functioning. Our 5 Seasons Diet complements this ancient medicine by bringing you a shifting diet based on what your body needs in the particular season.