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Upright Branch

In Five Element Acupuncture there are hundreds of acupuncture points to choose from when treating someone.  We all have our favorite points, of course, but there are many that are used much more rarely.

In the past 2 weeks I've been struck by how many times I've felt the need for two specific points on people's pulses.  

A bit over a week ago I was consistently feeling a split between the Heart and the Small Intestine on the majority of people in my office.  Pulses are paired and when a split happens it means that one pulse has more energy and is not sharing well with its sister pulse.  The Heart is our Emperor/Empress, the leader of our physical and emotional kingdom.  The Small Intestine is paired with the Heart, it's job is to sort out what is good for us and what is not; take in what is clean & pure and keep out the pollution.  Together they work to keep order and optimum functioning in our inner kingdom.

The acupuncture point people were needing was Small Intestine 7. The name of this point is Upright Branch.  Here is part of the definition of this point from my Acupuncture Point Compendium "Small Intestine 7 can calm the Heart spirit, harmonizing and balancing it.  In turn the Heart, as yin partner to the Small Intestine helps it not be overly preoccupied with the exterior but keep steady & calm.  Both the Heart & the Small Intestine need a regular rhythm to function at their best, this point can help restore harmony.  Small Intestine 7 can be bring calm, lift depression, help purify and nourish."

Within the last week a new split occurred.  One between the Liver and the Gallbladder.  The Liver is about moving forward, making plans and hope.  The Gallbladder is the Decision Maker; it takes the plan of the Liver and figures out what needs to be done to reach the goal.

The acupuncture point this week was Liver 5, Insect Ditch.  In school we remembered this point as "it was for what's bugging you."  This point is great for moving energy that is stuck on oppression, worry, and depression.  Liver 5 moves our energy to give us a renewed sense of hope and vision.

In the five years I've been practicing I've never seen such a consistent need for a point from so many people at once.  The other interesting fact is that I went for MY acupuncture appointment and I needed Small Intestine 7 also!  When I mentioned to my practitioner how often I was treating it, she responded by saying "Oh my gosh, I've been treating it all week too!"

The message in this for me is that we are all intricately linked to each other energetically.  Our uncertainty and hopelessness can be spread to others as equally as our joy and hope can.  The pattern of these acupuncture points are pointing us in the direction of stability and harmony amongst our inner selves which will shine thru to our outer world.  Let's move forward into February spreading our hope, speaking clearly about what we need to enact change and making concrete plans for getting there.  Our Liver and Gallbladder officials will thank us!