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5 Seasons Integrative Health: Creating a Mastermind Group!

Hello Wellness Warriors!  By now you should be feeling some differences in how your body is feeling, your energy level, stamina to get through the day, and some of you may already be seeing and feeling decreasing symptoms of when your body felt dis-ease.

And now is a good time to talk about what else changes once you clean up your diet. 

5 Seasons Wellness Warriors

Your clarity of thought, your ability to access innate wisdom, and your consciousness all begins to shift.  You may have already started choosing different foods, going out of your way for specific farm to table restaurants, and putting more effort into where you eat when you are out and traveling.  In addition, you may begin to notice that there are people or situations in your life that need to shift or that you are, in fact, in need of a tribe.

As you clean up your diet you may also need to clean up your relationships.  Toxic relationships are just as bad for us as chemical-laden foods.  Is there anyone in your life that lives in a black cloud?  Consistently talking about what is bad or hard?  Focused on the negative? Or worse yet, puts you down or treats you as less than your divine self? 

Is what you do for a living positive and full-filling the majority of the time?  Are you surrounded at work by people who have the same energy and drive?

Our personal relationships, work relationships, and what we do for a living take up the majority of our time.  Making sure they are energetically vibrating at the level you are is something to monitor.

Finding people to surround yourself with that have the same foundational beliefs that you have will keep you on track and help your spirit soar.

Creating a "Mastermind" group is one option.  Pick 3-5 people that have the same energy as you do and ask them to gather monthly to share the good, the bad, the ugly, and to inspire each other to keep going.  For me right now in my life, my Mastermind group consists of women in my community who are running their own businesses, who are committed to eating well and taking care of themselves, and who are consistently striving to do better.  We meet over a glass of wine and good food, share our challenges and our successes, get feedback and ideas from each other, and leave feeling like the amazing goddesses we are!

I encourage you to establish a Mastermind group around whatever topic feels right.  You may just start with people who are invested in good, healthy food and the desire to live a vibrant life.  And other shared topics may surface from there.

Stay tuned for the Energy Vampires...people in our lives who drain us rather than fill us up and how to gently and lovingly set boundaries to protect yourself.  And if all else fails, just grab a bunch of garlic and hang it around the house :)

In Gratitude,

Melissa Maki, LAc, AP, DOM