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5 Seasons Integrative Health: The New You!

Hello Wellness Warriors!

Your 5 Seasons Diet team has been chatting regularly about how we address you, our amazing tribe!  We can't agree on what that should be but I petitioned hard for Wellness Warrior.  Let me tell you why!

A warrior conjures up images of strength and it takes strength to change. Period.  Choosing a new way to eat, letting go of the way you used to do things, trying new foods, flavors, and cooking methods, and educating yourselves on your body, mind, and spirit all take incredible resolve.  I'm so proud of you!

5 Seasons Tribe

Let's break this down.  You decided to choose a new way to nourish your body. That in itself is worth a gold medal!  So many acupuncture clients that come through my doors talk about aches, pains, stomach cramping, IBS, GERD, brain fog, allergies, sugar numbers etc....all of which can be helped by proper nutrition. Yet most of my clients will not give up their way of eating.  Unfortunately it usually takes a crisis in health for many of them to take my suggestions.  However, you, my Wellness Warrior, chose a new way.  Whether you have picked this program because of a health crisis or for proactive health, you got here and that is what matters!

Letting go of the way you used to eat. This is often bittersweet.  Who doesn't enjoy a good slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory?  Or an ice-cream cone on a hot summers day?  Or candy, chips, soda, and cereal?  Yet, many of us have found that when we eat processed, packaged, and hormone-infused products we don't feel so good anymore.  Our system becomes so clean and pristine with our whole foods diet that giving it any of the above can cause the body to rebel.  Some of the symptoms can be stomach pain, brain fog, constipation, diarrhea, and nausea.  If you notice this don't panic, simply go back to how you were eating before and your body should right itself in no time.  You can often eat those old foods in small amounts without a dire reaction and if you can single out anything that really bothers your body stay away from it for good!

5 Seasons Diet Eating Healthy

Trying new foods, flavors, and cooking methods can be daunting or exciting depending on your personality!  I tend to have mild stress when working with new foods and cooking methods.  Enjoying a glass of wine while doing so can help :)  On a serious note, many people won't entertain the thought of trying something they've never had or tasting a vegetable they hated as a child.  Again, I'm so proud of you for experimenting, tasting, and cooking in ways that may be very different from how you were functioning before in the kitchen.

And finally, picking a program that supports ALL of you.  Body, mind & spirit.  It takes substance and courage for us to look at our whole being.  Changing how we think and feel is actually quite easy, it's just our human form makes it hard sometimes.  Upcoming newsletters will focus on this with tips of how to ease into joy and vibrancy.

From a Five Element Acupuncture perspective you have exhibited many of the virtues of the Wood element (Spring) by joining this program.  Inhealth and balance the Wood element gives us spontaneity, ease of making decisions and executing plans for our future, creativity, growth, upward movement, hope, vitality, and change.  The Wood element reminds us that nothing stays the same; we are all growing whether we like it or not.  The amazing part is that we get to choose HOW we grow and you've done just that Wellness Warrior!

On a broader note, life often tries to propel us so fast we don't make the time to celebrate ourselves when we do accomplish things.  We finish one thing and it's on to the next without a second to breathe.

My request for you this week is to notice when you accomplish things you are proud of and then take a moment to breathe that in.  Literally take a few minutes to sit and FEEL the satisfaction, joy, pride, and gratitude.  Let your body be a sponge and just let those great feelings ooze right into you.  Then move on to your next challenge!

If you have suggestions on what you'd like to be named, please email us at  The rest of the team would be happy to entertain ideas:)


In Gratitude,

Melissa Maki, LAc, AP, DOM

Five Element Acupuncturist