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The Five Elements Chart


Each of these elements are in us and they each bring unique gifts and challenges.  However, there is one element that belongs to us first.  It's the place where we live the most, the place where we share our greatest gifts with others, and the place where we are the most challenged.

Five Element Acupuncture practitioners diagnose and treat your primary element.  As that primary element comes back into balance so do you!  I've seen people change physically: get off pharmaceuticals, lose weight, have no pain, and change their eating and exercise routine.

I've also seen people make emotional changes: start dating, feel more peaceful, leave a job they hated and get hired to a job they were excited about, feel more joy in their life, make time for what fills them up, and report to me that stress was still happening but they weren't reacting to it the same way.

The Chinese believe that energy channels (meridians) run through our body that connect with our physical organs (ie. Heart, Liver, Kidney, etc).  They believe that these organs have the same physical definition as Western medicine.  So the Lungs in Western medicine are about the ability to inhale and breath.  The Chinese believe this too.  However, the Chinese also believe each organ holds emotional information, not just physical.  In Chinese medicine the Lungs hold the memory of grief and loss as well as the ability to be inspired.

Learning about which element and organs are at their peak in each season can help you live better in harmony with nature.  Understanding what gifts and challenges each season gives you can help increase insight into how you handle situations that arise in your life.

In addition to feeding your body whole nutritious food, the 5 Seasons Diet also addresses mind and spirit.  Optimal health is rooted in our feelings. Feelings feed our thoughts which then manifest as our reality. Be intrigued with what your body is telling you; not only symptomatic issues but also ways in which it is asking you to grow. If your back is in pain ask yourself how much responsibility are you carrying? Is the load too heavy? Do you feel like you could break apart from stress? Our program brings to the table the body-mind-spirit connection that invites you to explore a deeper level of meaning around your health. A good exercise routine and diet are familiar concepts of a healthy lifestyle. What is often overlooked is the practice of inner-cise; taking the time to cultivate your mind and spirit, which in turn greatly impact your physical and emotional health.  For example, think about times where you might have eaten a healthy delicious breakfast and then spent the ride into work worrying about an issue or frustrated at something or someone in your life.  Inner-cise helps you keep your mind and spirit healthy just as our menu plans will keep your body feeling good!

We need our body, mind and spirit to be working together in harmony for true health. The 5 Seasons Diet nourishes your body with great food, while also feeding your mind and spirit.  With so much busy-ness in our lives and constant electronic communication from cell phones, emails, texts, and social media it's easy to forget ourselves.  We are here to send a gentle reminder to take time for yourself daily.