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Our 5 Seasons Diet Plan. We have created an eating pattern that is a lifestyle, not a "diet". It flows from the premise that nature has created the perfect diet for us.  If we follow what nature intends us to eat each season our body comes back into health easier. This translates into the absence of weighing and measuring food, counting carbs or fats, counting points, and feeling deprived. The 5 Seasons Diet gives you freedom to enjoy food again and the ability to spend your energy on what you enjoy. We've done the thinking for you and have put together a nutritionally balanced diet that tastes great and nourishes your body to the cellular level.

We lessen food waste.  Statistics show that Americans throw out about 40% of their food. How many times have you looked at a beautiful piece of produce or meat at the grocery store and said to yourself, "Oh, I can make that this week" and then proceeded to forget all about it until you cleaned out your fridge and found it rotting on the back shelf? 

Because we've all been guilty of the above, we utilize dinner leftover's for lunch and get creative with our recipes, ultimately utilizing as many parts of each food item as possible. And for you folks who are already signed up with a CSA, we provide seasonal recipes that use what you are getting weekly.  No more guilt over wasting food!

We encourage you to support your neighbor and neighborhood.  It has been shown that money spent in commercial grocery stores goes out of town and into the pockets of big companies. Alternatively, a dollar spent at a local farm has the potential to grow exponentially in your area.  Specifically, a dollar spent at a local farm grows 5x in your neighborhood.  That dollar not only supports your neighbors who are working hard to bring clean organic food to your table, but that farmer then pays his school and town taxes, gets his supplies from the local hardware store, takes his family out to dinner at the local restaurants, and supports local community causes.  We can help our local communities thrive by investing in them!

 We keep your carbon footprint in mind. Many current meal planning services operate by shipping ingredients right to your doorstep.  Although very convenient it's hell on our environment.  The packaging it comes in, not just the outer wrapping, but all of the plastic bottles and bags that house the internal ingredients get dumped right back into our landfills.  And the amount of energy it takes to ship across the country is just as wasteful. We not only want you to eat well for your body but also for the environment.

We bring your mind and spirit along for the ride. We need our body, mind and spirit to be working together in harmony for true health. Although we will be nourishing your body with great food, we also provide support for your mind and spirit.  With so much busy-ness in our lives and constant electronic communication from cell phones, emails, texts, and social media it's easy to forget ourselves.  We are here to send a gentle reminder to take time for yourself daily.