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You can help reverse the trend toward an industrialized, globalized, anonymous food system by investing in the farms around you. This strengthens your own local food infrastructure, and helps guarantee your access to a stable, diverse, abundant and interesting diet in the future.

- Kristen Kimball, Co-Founder of Essex Farm & author of The Dirty Life

Here is why we believe eating locally is so important:

Eating locally gives you the opportunity to know exactly what you are putting into your body. When you develop a relationship with who is growing your food, you know where that food is coming from. You get the opportunity to ask questions and know for certain that you will not be consuming hormones, harmful pesticides, GMO ingredients, added sugars, or any ingredients that were developed in a lab. Eating locally probably means that you are consuming foods that were grown consciously, were treated well, and will nourish your body.

Eating locally supports your neighbor and neighborhood.  It has been shown that money spent in commercial grocery stores goes out of town and into the pockets of big companies. Alternatively, a dollar spent at a local farm has the potential to grow exponentially in your area.  Dollars spent locally not only support your neighbors who are working hard to bring clean organic food to your table, but that farmer then pays his school and town taxes, gets his supplies from the local hardware store, takes his family out to dinner at the local restaurants, and supports local community causes.  We can help our local communities thrive by investing in them!

Eating locally reduces your carbon footprint. Buying locally ensures that your food has not traveled across the country, or across the globe. Supporting local farms in turn supports the necessary practices of soil and water preservation, which are crucial for growing nutrient rich foods. Local, organic farmers are using the farming techniques our great-grandparents used along with new, innovative ways to preserve mineral-rich soil, grow clean food, and keep animals healthy naturally. Farmers work 365 days a year, in all weather, at all hours of the day, to provide nourishing food to people like us. Supporting the people who live in our neighborhood and who care for and enhance the land around us is simply the right thing to do! 

Eating locally is your vote for a better food system. When you buy locally you choose to support farmers and growers who are passionate about your health, the health of your family, and the health of the planet. You choose to support a food system of local producers, rather than big companies. Your dollar is your vote to free our food from the hands of industrialization, factory farms, and laboratories.