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From a Five Element Acupuncture perspective we are currently in the Water element (Winter). It's a time in the elemental cycle that asks us to slow
down, rest more, be more introspective and to build up our inner resources so we are ready for Spring. It is the most Yin, the most dark time of the
cycle. The gift this element gives us is Wisdom.

By slowing down and going inward it allows us access to our deepest wisdom. A chance to shine light on what we know to be true. A chance to focus on what is most important and to begin to live from that place again rather than a place of distracted busyness.

When the Water element is unbalanced within us we lose this anchor of wisdom and the replacement is fear and terror. Fear that we will not be okay and even that we could die. This sounds dramatic but think of all the times that you've thought things like, "Will we have enough money to pay the bills this month? What if I get on that airplane today and it crashes? Do I have enough to retire? Do we have enough wood to heat our house for the season? Do I have enough money to take care of my kids?"

When the Water element tips in this way it becomes a spiraling of fear that leaves us shaky and terrified inside. We start living from a place of constriction rather than a place of expansion. As we sit in this element thru the rest of this Winter season, I challenge you to move from fear to
wisdom. Move back toward what is the most important and shine light on THAT.

As I've asked myself this question over the past few months I realize for me the answer is love and compassion. My wise self tells me that when love and compassion are shared, the light expands. When the light expands there is no room for the dark. We need to light up ourselves, our community, and our country. Go out and do something LIGHT today! Look strangers in the eye and say hello thru your eyes and your heart, hold the door for someone, help someone with their grocery cart, share dinner with friends, take a dinner to someone you know that is super busy and needs a break. You get the idea. Use the power of the Water element to guide you to your innate wisdom and then begin to express that. I promise you the results will be amazing.